Internet Marketing Small Business ideas on getting more business to your website

Internet Marketing Small Business ideas on getting more business to your website

Internet Marketing Small Business | Small Business Websites

Dont have a big marketing budget? Internet Marketing Small Business explained

Internet Marketing Small Business is very important and does not have to cost you a fortune each and every month.  “But i have an expensive company website” Having a business website is great and can help get noticed on the web however with competitive markets it is easy to get lost in the millions of websites out their.  This can be very frustrating and can make someone lose hope especially if they spent thousands of dollars on a swish company website. We hear that all the time and our response is always to keep moving and keep consistent.  There are many ways to grow your website business and they include:

  • Blogging
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram (for visual products)

These are just a few but they are very important, We believe that your base should always be your website and thus start their and feed out from that point. Internet Marketing Small Business is something that starts at point “0” This being your business webpage.

So the key to Internet Marketing Small Business a good place to start is to write a blog post on your website, optimise that post for SEO (some say that seo is not important, true if you dont want to see if youre going to rank or not and leave it to the hit and miss theory” so you have written your post and optimised the seo! AWESOME. Now what??

Social Media for Internet Marketing Small Business

Why dont we start with Facebook! If you dont have a Facebook page for your business click here to get started. So start by copying the URL of the new post that you have just written and go to Facebook and past that URL in the section where it says “Write Something” on the site. This will then post the article links onto your Facebook business page. It will automatically take the Featured image from that posted article on your site so make sure that you have a great image that catches the readers eye and tells a bit of a visual story about the article.

Now you will see the link to that article on the Facebook Feed. If you dont have heaps of followers on your business page it can help if you then share that post on your personal Facebook timeline.

YouTube for Internet Marketing Small Business

Now our second recommendation is YouTube, film a simple introduction to the topic or product that you are wanting to market and post it to your YouTube channel and be sure to give it a great description including wording that is what you want to be found for and is relative to the video. now go back to your website and write a quick post about the topic or product and embed the YouTube video into the post. This can be done by going to the video and underneaht will be a share option and in that the embed option. Copy the code that is there which will look something like this <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> and paste it into your post.  Once you are done then share that post on Facebook as you did before. Now you will have one Internet Marketing Small Business technique used and shared across three platforms.

Keep consistent and keep moving forward. Dont be dismayed if you think that it is taking a long time to get somewhere. Just keep doing it and you will not only get more proficient but also more followers and indeed more exposure.

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