Create your own website Easy solutions to create your own website quick easy and cost effectively cheap

Create your own website Easy solutions to create your own website quick easy and cost effectively cheap

How to Create your own website

Things to look out for when you create your own website

create your own website


Hi, my name is Derryck and I just thought that I would share with you today some key things to consider when you are looking to create your very own website.

There are a multitude of things to consider (not trying to scare you) but you need to weigh up all your options so that you can make an informed decision as to what solution out there is best for you and your business.



Lets list some things that you might be looking for when you create your own website:

  1. Business class website with your own URL
  2. Good SEO so that you rank well and are found in the Google ocean
  3. Low cost but high yield
  4. Low monthly costs
  5. Safe and secure
  6. Access to your own Social Media, Posts, Blogs and Freedom to write and publish to the likes of Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and more …

Doesn’t seem like too much to ask when you create your own website! … However as most of you who have looked up all these things will admit.  Its not that easy and straight forward.  So lets break it down a little to find out create your own website on a budget but not be stuck with a DUD!!

  1. Register your own domain name!
    1. Some companies resell domain names for a massive profit so be sure to buy direct from the big guys to ensure that you are getting value for money and if need be because of the money that you are saving buy some of the international domain names also ie. if you are and you are a supplier of services in an area you could get something like www.grauer.goldcoast and remember to also lock in the old fashioned .com to give yourself a little brand security.
  2. Learn a little about Google SEO and ranking well on search engines, this is an art form in itself but there are hours and hours of training material on the internet out there to help you.
  3. Find a Host that is cheap…….. STOP !!!!! Dont throw away performance to save a few dollars.  There are lots of service providers out there that offer great speed at a reasonable price.  Email us if you want a list of the current best providers in our opinion.
  4. Make sure that if you are going to sell online that you invest in an SSL certificate which is usually available from your hosting provider.  This will give your customers peace of mind that they are secure in the checkout process while paying for goods or services.
  5. Opt for an all in one solution where you can write posts on your website and have it stream out to all your social media in one HIT!!!

Does it make sense? If not lets keep going!

A solution is only a solution if it works for you! So why settle for an all in one solution that everyone else gets from them, customise and in doing so save yourself lots of money by not paying for addons that you don’t need and will probably never use.  I think of it like when you go to buy a new car (Really annoys me when it happens with carsales but I think it works with web) Congratulations you just bought a new car! NOW …

Do you want leather?

Do you want paint protection?

Do you want floor mats? YOU GET MY DRIFT!!!

Well you should actually look for that when you create your own website because if you buy the car with all these extras included your pocket hurts… OUCH!! So opt for the restaurant menu style and order the things that you know you are going to need and leave off the ones that are going to weigh you down and make you feel bulky.  Google does not tend to like bulky and messy sites.

So to Create your own website:

  • Pick Hosting
  • Pick a Platform
  • Learn some SEO
  • List on Google
  • Write Posts
  • Publish to Social Media

You can do all of these things, if it all seems too much or you would rather spend your time focussing on the things that you are brilliant at then we have a solution.  All these things that we just mentioned about going direct and picking carefully and not over bulking is all possible with us while still keeping the prices as if you were going direct without all the hassle and time.  With complete online solutions starting as low as $999.00 with NO ongoing monthly fees that should make you smile.

Lets see how much money we can SAVE you while still delivering amazing results, never give up results for a few dollars!

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